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North America’s Top 10 Most Fearsome Predators

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Polar Bear
Patrick Endres/Visuals Unlimited/Corbis

Polar Bear

Maybe because he's "dressed" in white (as if headed to a high class, formal affair) that we don't usually think of a polar bear as a dangerous predator.

(It may also be because we feel it's unlikely to run into one, as most of us don't frequent the Arctic Circle.)

But this particular predator has a couple of claims to our attention ... he is the world's largest land carnivore and also the world's largest bear (tied with the Kodiak).

Polar bears feast on ringed and bearded seals (which are tastier than they sound, we imagine).

Oddly, they don't usually catch these creatures on land or in open water.

Unfortunate seals become dinner when they surface in holes in the ice in order to breathe, or when they pull themselves out on the ice to rest.

Their final rest.

For those who enjoy "Who Would Win in a Fight" scenarios, polar bears have been known to defeat (that is, kill) a walrus twice their weight. However, those confrontations are very rare.

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