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Torngat Mountains National Park
Labrador, Canada

If you like your travel with a side of adventure, it doesn't get more adventurous than Torngat Mountains National Park. This park has no roads, campgrounds or signs telling you what to see. But you can enlist the help of a native Inuit polar guard should you choose to hike the park's vast tundra expanse.

Besides warding off polar bears, maybe the guide can help you spot caribou. The North America crew, which filmed just outside of the park, needed radio collars and helicopters to help them find the large reindeer. There are two types of caribou that you could spot, the Torngat caribou that winter along Ungava Bay and the George River caribou that wander into the park in June after calving. The wolves aren't far behind.

Spring and summer in the park brings out foxes that hunt the abundant rodents and birds return to their breeding grounds.

Best Time to Visit:

Park staff says the most practical time to visit the park is late winter and early spring or summer. Once you know when and where you want to travel, register your visit and exact itinerary with the park. All visitors must register so that park staff can assist in case of an emergency.

What to Do:

So, that hiking with an Inuit polar bear guard thing sounds cool, right? The park can help you find one. It turns out that your chance of running into a polar bear or a black bear while hiking in Torngat is pretty high. The guards are the only people allowed to carry guns in the park. There are a number of routes for trekking through the park, including Nakvak Brook, Korok River and Bears Gut. You can also learn more about Inuit culture on a harvesting trip as they gather food and tell ancient stories.

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