About Mile Wide Tornado: Oklahoma Disaster


Get an inside look at the May 20th tornado tragedy near Oklahoma City and Moore, Oklahoma through the eyes of the people who survived this unprecedented event with Mile Wide Tornado: Oklahoma Disaster. This brand new one-hour special provides in-depth scientific analysis of the storm via on-the-ground footage, tornado-tracking CGI and eye-witness accounts of one of the deadliest tornadoes in the last decade.

Mile Wide Tornado: Oklahoma Disaster chronicles the EF5 tornado that traveled over 17 miles and left mass devastation within its 45 minute reign of terror. Watch as Discovery interviews storm chasers, meteorologists and emergency management who battled to save lives during that fateful day with exclusive footage of now condemned areas. This special provides one of the most comprehensive collections of user-generated footage of the Oklahoma tornado to date and conducts original interviews with those who recorded those first-hand accounts.

The one-hour special, via in-depth interviews with scientists and the latest data, also helps answer the “why” behind this devastating event including: How did the tornado form? How was this different from a similar EF5 tornado that hit in the same area in 1999? What role did the warning system have in saving lives? Have warning systems progressed to the point where they are more effective?


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