Larry Pelletier


Larry Pelletier

Larry Lawrence Pelletier was born on September 19, 1957. He graduated from high school in 1975, joining the Army that same year. After basic training at Fort Polk, Louisiana, he went to Advanced Artillery Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and then on to jump school at Fort Benning, Georgia. He was finally stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where he also participated in jungle training in Panama.

He got out February 28, 1978 and, as his father had a thriving business and he had a week and a half off, his father said, "Come with me". He accompanied his father to help move equipment out of the woods. It was lucky he was there because his brother, Rudy, broke both of his arms that spring and Larry was able to help his father out. Larry has been with the business ever since and was the first to drive the double trailer, a 1980 Mack Flat F Model cab. He says, "Our father depended upon us to be sure the experiment with the double trailer was successful, making us be sure it worked well because he depended upon it. After our three year experiment with them, other contractors began to follow our lead and haul with the double trailers." Larry has since run equipment at the Fifth St. John base, including the grader and miscellaneous equipment, accepting more responsibility all the time, as well as continuing to drive. Larry is now the foreman of the Telos base camp and also contracts for other landowners. He married Tina Daigle on May 21, 1982 and has a son, Dustin, born in 1986 and a daughter, Chelsea, born in 1987.

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