Andy Cho

posted: 08/31/15
Andy Cho

People say Andy Cho is the world's most accomplished kayak fisherman. He holds the record for some of the biggest and baddest fish ever caught from a kayak. It's no surprise that he's got talent - his family's been fishing the waters of Big Island for five generations. But while Andy's got all the makings of a good family man, deep inside him is a ferocious sense of competition.

Despite his soft spoken voice and laid back appearance, he's not afraid to make use of his power. As the popularity of kayak fishing grows, Andy's got a lot at stake: his secret spots, his record catches, and his claim to the crown of kayak fishing.

Andy met his fishing partner Rob Wong Yuen out on the water, and the two formed an unlikely pairing - with Rob taking on the role of little brother, and Andy taking him under his wing. As a partnership, Andy and Rob are disciplined professionals and need to meet a daily quota of $500 to keep up their way of life. That means working only together, and fighting off any outsiders who fail to show them the proper respect.

This season, Andy and Rob must defend their position at the top of their game. After securing the rights to fish the bountiful waters of an ancient fishing community, they will find themselves battling local fishermen and other Pacific Warriors over their territory.


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