posted: 08/31/15

Over the years, Boogie's proved himself as one of Hawaii's most accomplished kayak fishermen. He's a salty, weather-beaten, bulldog of a man; a seasoned pro, unafraid to battle the elements - and his years of adventures are the stuff of legends. Off the water, Boogie's a self-described hustler. 28 years ago he showed up in Oahu with just a bicycle and a boogie board - earning his nickname, and working his way from pizza chef to business owner. He's got his thumb in a lot of pies, so if he's not selling his big game catches, he's brewing beer to sell, or guiding tourists on fishing trips.

But even though Boogie holds the world record for the largest barracuda caught from a kayak, his hard-working, hard-playing lifestyle has taken its toll - and his status at the top of the game has taken a hit. Now, at 48 years old, he needs to get back his fishing mojo and prove he's still got what it takes to be the best.

This season, Boogie's looking to reclaim his status as top dog. He's taking on Jason Valle, the nephew of his late business partner and best friend, as a mentee. With years of experience on the water and no kids of his own, Boogie wants to pass on both his waterman wisdom and a share in his business to Jason. But is Jason suited for the fisherman life?

Instagram: @boogiedelicious

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