Isaac Brumaghim

posted: 08/31/15
Isaac Brumaghim

Known as "The Rocket," Isaac hails from the gritty west side of Oahu, and is known to some as one of the fastest paddlers in the islands. A former canoe racing champion, Isaac traces his native Hawaiian ancestry back for generations, but did not grow up fishing - in fact, he taught himself. He's since become an ambassador for the kayak fishing community, and had his 15 minutes of fame from a viral YouTube video of a shark ripping a tuna from his line.

Isaac's place as the sole breadwinner of his family puts a lot of pressure on his shoulders to bring home a good catch, day in and day out. He's got a big heart when it comes to his girlfriend and three kids, and will do anything for them. But that also means he's got a good reason to be fiercely competitive, and will take on all comers to protect his fishing turf.

This season, Isaac's looking to build up his kayak fishing into a more stable income for his family. At his girlfriend's suggestion, he reluctantly looks for a partner. This also means he'll be working new waters and will ultimately cross paths with old rival Boogie-D.

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