Jason Schmidt

posted: 08/31/15
Jason Schmidt

Jason and his partner, Adam King, are an odd pair. The two tend to act first and think later, often resulting in the discovery of errors in their methods too late in the game. While their antics can be goofy at times, they take their goal very seriously as they push themselves to compete with the best of the best.

Jason moved to Kauai, Hawaii 15 years ago to become a kayak tour guide. He soon found local Adam and the two became instant partners on the water. While fishing entered their lives as a pastime, it has since become the focus of their friendship as they push themselves to become full-time fishermen, putting self-taught skills to the test to see how they stack up against the professionals on Big Island.

This season, Jason and Adam look to see if their self-taught skills are good enough for them to turn their passion into a full time gig. But on the rugged island of Kauai, even seasoned professionals battle conditions that make this career choice nearly impossible. The duo will attempt to hit it big in fabled fishing grounds on the Na Pali Coast, but just getting there will be its own journey. With families to provide for, turning back is not an option.

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