Jason Valle

posted: 08/31/15
Jason Valle

Before Jason's uncle passed, he made his best friend and kayak fisherman Boogie-D promise to take Jason under his wing and turn him into a man of the ocean. Compared to a veteran like Boogie, Jason's still new to kayak fishing, but his background on the water goes back years. Jason is a surfer, free diver, and general extreme sports enthusiast, and his close relationship to Boogie gives him the chance to learn from the old seadog himself.

But Jason's place as a rookie is not to his liking - with the confidence of his waterman background, he's ready to take on any challenge in a kayak, and while he worships Boogie's status, he's not afraid to go his own way.

This season, Boogie plans on molding Jason into a better waterman. But on their first outing, the duo get off to a rocky start. Can Jason prove to his mentor that he's fit for the kayak fisherman life?


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