Jon Jon

posted: 08/31/15
Jon Jon

Jon Jon lives a life divided: he's both a big-hearted family man, and a lone warrior with eyes for one thing. Fishing. With his small stature and winning smile, Jon Jon's full of personality - and he's known as one of the best fishermen in Hawaii.

Growing up in Maui, Jon Jon inherited his passion for the ocean from his father, and while his ancestry traces back to the Philippines, his spirituality goes deep into the same Pacific. Now, he has a pregnant wife and three kids, and puts in long hours as a fishing tour operator to support them - but when he's alone on the water, his thoughts turn back to big dreams of kayak fishing glory.

This season, Jon Jon faces a dilemma that forces him to choose between his two great loves: family and fishing. His wife is pregnant with their fourth child, but his ambition to land a record setting blue marlin has turned into an obsession. He knows when his baby comes, there's no fishing for a long time, so if he's got a chance to catch his dream fish, it has to be now. While he has fished alone for years, his quest to catch a record-breaking marlin takes him to Big Island, where he finds a partner in Devin Hallingstad. Can the two men work together to make history?


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