Rob Wong Yuen

posted: 08/31/15
Rob Wong Yuen

A former construction worker, Rob was born and bred in a traditional fishing village on Big Island. He's fiercely proud of his native roots, and his large physique and personality have earned him a reputation. But at heart there's more to him than just muscle. Rob's all about respect - giving it, getting it and holding onto it - and he extends this idea of balance to the gods of his ancestors. He often calls up to them with words of honor, and, in keeping with an ancient ritual, he even eats the fresh heart from his first catch of the season.

Rob met his fishing partner Andy Cho out on the water, and the two formed an unlikely pairing - with Rob taking on the role of little brother, and Andy taking him under his wing. As partners, they need to meet a daily quota of $500 to keep up their way of life. That means working only together, and fighting off any outsiders who fail to show them the proper respect.

This season, Rob and Andy must defend their position at the top of their game. After securing the rights to fish the bountiful waters of an ancient fishing community, they will find themselves battling other Pacific Warriors for the biggest fish in the sea.


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