The Uyeda Brothers

posted: 08/31/15
The Uyeda Brothers

From sharing an email address and living in the same house with their wives, to dominating the seas on their secret weapon - a tandem kayak equipped with the best fishing gadgets on the market - Kevin and Gareth do it all together. They claim their dynamic duo approach allows them to cover more ground and go after bigger fish, resulting in a bigger payday.

For the Uyeda brothers fishing is in their blood. They grew up fishing on rafts and surfboards and with years of experience under their individual belts, they decided to come together on a tandem kayak. Their top of the line craft combined with their precise calculations and strategy to stalk and kill their prey make them a lethal big game team. Unlike the other fishermen, they paddle into big winds and use them to propel their tri-maran farther and faster than the other fishermen.

After a day killing it out on the water, the brothers use their specially culled network of locals and markets to sell their fish as fast as possible for maximum profit.

This season, the Uyeda brothers have one goal and one goal only: use their high tech boat to push into the deeper fishing waters, and land the big monsters that reside there.

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