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posted: 12/05/12
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Savvy buyers compete to snatch up the best homes on the auction block.

In the desert heat of Phoenix, Arizona, the auction market for homes is booming. Every day hundreds of houses go up on the block, and savvy buyers compete to snatch up the best homes. While their bidders standby at the courthouse, buyers are given only minutes to scope a house before the bidding starts. Relying on a combination of gut instinct and experience, buyers have to figure out if each house is worth their time and money. But the properties aren't the only factors in this high stakes bidding match; rivalries between buyers can lead to fierce bidding wars to get the homes.

These buyers square off time and again in hopes of carving out their own section of the Phoenix market. Doug Hopkins, a veteran buyer known as the "King of the East Valley," fiercely defends his territory against the others. Doug's rivals, Scott Menaged and Lou Amoroso--two abrasive New Yorkers--are determined to get any property they want and have no qualms offending fellow buyers in the process. Ed Rosenberg and Steve Simons, business partners from L.A., believe that the best way to make a big profit is to take calculated risks. Longtime Phoenix real estate buyer John Ray uses his intimate knowledge of the local market and building codes to seek out unique houses that can be a gold mine on the inside.

Watch these bidding matches get as intense as the Arizona heat. Whether going after a rundown property in one of Phoenix's toughest neighborhoods, a sprawling custom mansion, or a ranch out in the desert, these guys are all determined to walk away with the best deal of the day.

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