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posted: 12/17/12

Basement Surprise: August 1, 2013

There's a new auction list in Phoenix, and Scott Menaged is on the hunt for his 100th rental property. At the first house of the day Scott wavers on whether or not to bid, but a special friend sent by bidder Lou Amoroso helps him make up his mind. Next the buyers rush to a lake community, where Ed Rosenberg is confident that the next home is a waterfront property. While also fans of the property, John Ray and Doug Hopkins are hesitant to bet big. Will Ed's gamble mean a big payday? Finally, Doug is intent on getting the last house of the day and will use any means necessary to deter the other buyers. Is he able to grab the house, or will another buyer out trick the trickster?

Lou Makes a Deal: July 25, 2013

The buyers scramble to get to the first house today, but Scott won't have time to inspect it. Lou fills in, but will he be able to tell if it's a winner? Next, Doug and Scott duke it out until a little unexpected interference proves to be a game changer.

Scott's Leaky Facet: July 18, 2013

New properties are up for auction in Phoenix, and the buyers are out to stake their claims. The day starts with a beautiful home, where Doug Hopkins bids aggressively to expand his territory. Next up is a huge multi-unit rental property, a rare opportunity. Scott Menaged is set on making these his 100th rental property, while Ed Rosenberg is just as excited to add to his portfolio. Will Scott hit the century mark, or will Ed be the victor in this showdown? At the last house, John Ray believes he may have found yet another rental property to add to his collection, while Scott insists that outside clues mean it's an occupied home.

Christina's World: June 27, 2013

The Phoenix buyers are looking at the newest properties up for auction. First, newbie Christina hopes to distract Scott and Ed with some homemade cookies. Later, Scott believes he might have found the perfect vacation home for Lou's cousin.

Hazmat House: June 20, 2013

With a new auction list in hand the buyers scramble to get to today's properties. Scott and Christina go head to head. She is set on getting her next property, while he is just as determined to keep her out of the business.

New Girl in Town: June 13, 2013

There is a big surprise at the auction in Phoenix today, as a new team from LA is in town to stake their claim. The new girl, Christina squares off with Scott, who is determined to show her that it takes more than pretty looks to succeed in the Phoenix.

Video: New Girl

The Roof is on Fire: June 6, 2013

Today's auction list is a huge one! At the first home Doug is impressed by the home's potential and hopes that the house is as nice on the inside. Later, Scott thinks he may have found a big winner of the day while Ed is not so sure.

Video: The Dollar Menu

Mustache Boy: June 6, 2013

Today's auction sends the buyers to the far reaches of Maricopa County where they vie for a two-story home. While Scott Menaged is determined to get the property, Doug Hopkins decides to let a coin flip decide his next bid. Will Scott's perseverance win, or will fate fall in Doug's favor? Next the buyers head to a golf course home. This is Doug's bread and butter but competitor Ed Rosenberg is intent on getting one of these desirable homes. Finally, the buyers head to a three-bedroom house where John Ray is forced to bid blind. Will his blind bet turn out to be a stroke of good fortune or a huge mistake?

Toilet Tragedy: May 30, 2013

The Phoenix buyers are willing to get the today's newest properties by any means necessary. Scott eyes a house in a desirable area, and uses his puppy to get a leg up on the competition. Next, Ed's anger over Scott leads him to bet big on a small home.

Buyer Beware: May 30, 2013

Change is in the air in Phoenix, with Steve Simons trying his hand at buying and inspecting properties while Ed takes his turn at the auction. First, Steve heads to a property where he squares off against buyers Doug Hopkins and Scott Menaged. While Steve hopes to land a property early in the day, Scott is equally determined to put him through his paces. Next the buyers head to a home in Chandler, where John Ray shows off his veteran buying techniques. Will his skills pay off, or will Steve beginner's luck come through? At the third home Steve is determined to end the day on a high note, but Scott and Doug once again put him through the wringer.

Wipe Out!: May 23, 2013

Phoenix buyer Scott hits the ground running on the hunt for today's best houses. The first property draws his attention, but rival Doug won't let up without a fight. A later house leaves one of men racing to the ER.

Video: Wipe Out

Puzzling Addition: May 23, 2013

There are new houses on the auction list, and the buyers start off the day at a house Scott hopes is perfect for a snowbird client. Next, they head to the second property where John sees a fixer-upper that he hopes to flip. Finally, they check out a small house where Ed is drawn to the property for nostalgic reasons, while Doug sees at as an easy moneymaker.

Change Is Coming: April 4, 2013

Today's auction list features three very unique properties. The first raises the interest of rental rivals Scott and Ed. Next, John hopes to snag a move-in ready house. Finally, Doug faces off with a flirtatious newcomer.

Uninvited Pests: March 28, 2013

Despite the stormy weather, the buyers are excited to go after today's properties. They start at home where Scott does his best to rattle Ed. Meanwhile, John pursues a possible fixer-upper, relying on his veteran buyer's instincts.

Video: How to Buy a House

Triple Threat: March 21, 2013

A communication error between Lou and Scott on an expensive property is a game changer. Ed sets his sights on a triplex rental, hoping for triple the reward. Doug and John go after a house located on a golf course, but will it be a hole-in-one?

Sick Day: March 14, 2013

A cold snap scares off all but the most hearty buyers. A surprise turn from the auctioneers results in a huge win. Uncharacteristically Doug goes strong on a fixer-upper, John's usual territory. John takes advantage of Scott's being sick...and whiney.

Rags to Riches: March 7, 2013

The housing auction yields buys on both ends of the spectrum--from a big-ticket designer home complete with home theater and infinite pool to a "frankenhouse" tagged with graffiti in a rough neighborhood.

Video: Desert Castle

Scott's Mini Me: February 28, 2013

Scott brings his son to work, but will his attempt to show off for his son result in a bad deal? A "snowbird"-friendly house in a 55+ neighborhood may already be occupied by unpleasant house guests. The guys race to a late day, upscale auction addition.

Video: Scott's Little Helper

Serenity: February 21, 2013

Scott returns from his wedding. The guys spot an unassuming gas vent and an electrified shed that could mean the houses hide hefty profits. A rural home next to a dairy farm has windows boarded from the inside and gets weirder and weirder in every room.

Video: Serenity Scott

Bed Bugs: February 7, 2013

Doug wonders if the very low opening bid on a nice neighborhood home is a red flag, but Ed thinks it could be a jackpot. Scott's not bothered by a modest home being near an Air Force base and a landfill, but he's concerned if it might have bed bugs.

Video: Bed Bugs

Old Money: January 31, 2013

Some consider the original features of an old mansion to be an eyesore, but John believes there may be hidden value. Doug suspects there is more than meets the eye to a horse property in the desert. Scott and Ed square off over a rental property in Mesa.

Video: Rental Ruckus

Hidden Treasure: January 24, 2013

It's a mixed bag at the housing auction. Ed sees clues that make him think there are treasures inside a home in a rough neighborhood. Doug sees a modest home with easy profit potential--but may find otherwise. John and Scott duel over a horse property.

Video: The Happy Dance

Rags to Riches: January 17, 2013

The housing auction yields buys on both ends of the spectrum--from a big-ticket designer home complete with home theater and infinite pool to a "frankenhouse" tagged with graffiti in a rough neighborhood.

Video: Desert Castle

Sleuthing: January 17, 2013

A lovely East Valley property entices Doug and Ed into a fierce bidding match. John gambles on his hunch that a vehicle is possibly hidden behind a home. Scott's investigation skills reveal a few carpet fibers in the driveway, but will they truly pay off?

Video: Up Against Each Other

Unfinished Business: January 10, 2013

The Phoenix housing market is hotter than ever. After last season's mixed bag of dream houses and houses of horror, four buyers have something to prove. Scott digs through trash to gain his clues. Doug thinks he's found a gear-head's home.

Video: A New Buyer in Town

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