• Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episodes

Little Deuce Coupe: Mon Jan 27 10/9c

In the birthplace of hot rod culture, friends Billy and Steve run Da Rod Shop and bring muscle cars back to their full glory. A car friend brings in his "Holy Grail" '32 Ford 3 Window. Sons Shane and Billy Jr try to prove themselves with a Camaro flip.

VIDEO: 1932 Ford 3 Window | Master Fabricators | Junior Salesman

Hollywood Hot Rod: Mon Feb 3 9/8c

A lil ole lady hustles the sons with her '67 Skylark. When a '29 Model A rolls in with a bag o' parts, Steve can't resist restoring it to its former glory. Meanwhile Billy Sr visits Hollywood hot rod icon George Barris for inspiration on the A's exterior.

VIDEO: Busted in the Batmobile | George Barris Lends a Hand

Racing for Pinks: Mon Feb 10 9/8c

After the crew fixes his friend's ratrod, Billy races it for pinks against "Wooly Bear". Steve picks up a Tin Woody in trade, but the crew is concerned about the amount of work it'll require. They also head to Malibu to find a Beach Boy-inspired buyer.

VIDEO: Cute Girls Help Sand the Tin Woody | Surprise! More Work for Everyone

Corvette Gold: Mon Feb 17 9/8c

Jeff and the sons find Corvette gold and get a lesson in fiberglass fabricating from Steve in the process. Billy Sr gets riled when Jr's deal to fix an attractive young woman's '56 Chevy pick up goes from bad business to worse.

Falcon Flip: Mon Feb 24 9/8c

Billy Sr bets the owner of a '59 Volkswagen the price of the job that he can trick the Bug out to make it fast enough to win a drag race. The sons hope to quickly flip a '63 Falcon Spirit but soon realize they may be way over their heads.

Family Feud: Mon March 3 9/8c

The Billys challenge Steve and Shane to see who can make the most profit on their flip at the upcoming Da Rod Shop car show. Jr puts his money on a rough 67 Mustang; Shane bets on a running 71 Chevelle. The dads and crew square off. Let the best man win.