Rival Crews: Friday August 2 at 10/9c

Three Boston bookie crews vie for customers and ultimate power in the lucrative but illegal business of sports gambling. The Southie Crew, the largest and strongest of the three, takes in bets from all over the region thanks to an intricate organization of agents, collectors, enforcers and lieutenants, all of who ultimately report to boss Pat Nee. When the neighboring Roslindale Crew roughs up a kid from their territory, Southie realizes they must flex their muscles or risk losing their dominant status. Meanwhile, the Dorchester Crew must track down and punish a bettor who refuses to pay up.

The Kojack Box: Friday August 9 at 10/9c

After having their rent raised by the Southie crew, the Rozzie crew must take a huge risk on a playoff hockey game. Tin Man finally lets his anger issues get the best of him and Pat Nee asks his crew to retrieve a very sensitive item.



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