Top 10 Quirkiest Sharks

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by: Cristen Conger
DCL | Photo by Mark Conlin /
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You may have heard of angel sharks (Squatina californica) by other nicknames, including monkfish and sand devils. These quirky sharks resemble skates and rays more closely than the stereotypical great white. They have the same basic body parts as other sharks, except they're flattened out like a sting ray's silhouette. In fact, if their fins were attached to their heads, scientists probably would've classified angel sharks with skates and rays.

These bottom dwellers blend into their ocean-floor surroundings, thanks to their light-colored, speckled appearance. This camouflage, combined with keen eyesight, allows angel sharks to stealthily snap up prey. A surprisingly sharp set of pointy teeth finishes off the kill. Their floppy fins may look like ethereal wings, but these sharks are no underwater angels.

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