Bull Sharks Mean Business

posted: 04/11/12
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Bull sharks are indiscriminate hunters that will sink their teeth into pretty much any animal they can get their jaws around. And a lot fits into that category — those are some massive jaws. Add a stout, remarkably muscular body, and you've got a predator that is packing a lot of punch.

Most sharks stick to salt water, but the bull shark is also a frequent visitor to freshwater environments like bays, lagoons, estuaries and even thousands of miles up river channels. You might think you're safe from seeing a shark if you hop into the Mississippi River from an Illinois bank, for example, but these tenacious terrors have been spotted even in those inland waters.

This might sound fanciful, but it's really quite dangerous — bull sharks' extensive range and adaptability to fresh water means there is a greater potential for them to come into contact with people than there is for many other shark species. Couple this with their pugnacious spirit and daring fearlessness, and a fatal shark attack could be in the works.

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