Feeding Frenzies: When Sharks Find Themselves Being Served Up

posted: 04/11/12
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Shark Feeding Frenzy
DCL | Photo by iStockphoto
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Sharks have amazing senses. Hearing, smell and electroreception are among the more powerful, although different species have different strengths. Sharks can also sense distressed prey over great distances, so it's not surprising that sometimes more than one arrives on the scene ready to do some savage snacking.

Researchers and mariners have observed that high levels of food stimulation — like fishing boats hauling in loaded nets — tend to drive sharks into a feeding frenzy. Some shark species retain the semblance of a pecking order during the fray, but others go on an absolute rampage.

Witnesses have reported that when feeding frenzies occur, not even the sharks themselves are guaranteed safety. During the tumult, predators can find themselves on the menu as other sharks become crazed and attack, sometimes delivering fatal blows. Interestingly, when some sharks receive lethal wounds in the midst of a frenzy, it doesn't even slow them down. They keep on eating, even as they're being devoured.

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