Do sharks dine on dogs?

posted: 04/11/12
by: Jessika Toothman
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Some sharks have picky palates, but others will eat pretty much anything they come across. Tiger sharks, for example, will feast on all sorts of trash, but great whites usually test potential prey for tastiness before they decide if they'll really dig in.

So what happens if a hungry, unfussy shark meets up with a dog? As it turns out, pups should be a little worried when they hit the water. The erratic swimming motions typical of the doggie paddle may attract the notice of curious sharks. And since sharks are highly unpredictable animals, you never know for sure what they'll do next.

But the potential danger to dogs doesn't stop if you leave the beach. Bull sharks eat just about anything, and they're also among the very few shark species that are at home in freshwater environments. This means they can be lurking far up into river systems, where they might make mincemeat of pets playing in the water.

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