Top 10 Shark Conservation Projects

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by: Josh Clark
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Battling Shark Fin Soup on Land
DCI | Eugene Tanner/AP

Shark fin soup, considered a delicacy in Asia, Australia and Hawaii, is responsible for the removal of millions of kilograms of shark fins annually. While numerous conservation efforts focus on cutting off supplies of the main ingredient in shark fin soup, at least one trains its eye on the demand side.

For the past few years, residents of China — one of the biggest consumers of the dish — have been treated to a grassroots public service campaign that alerts them to the environmental havoc that bowl of soup can cause. Basketball star Yao Ming serves as a mouthpiece for the campaign, which aims to rid the Chinese public of its affection for shark fin soup through bus stop ads, billboards and television spots.

A survey in 2008 showed the push has been successful. Nineteen percent of the residents of Beijing remembered the campaign, and 82 percent of those who recalled it said they would stop eating the soup as a result.

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