17 Must-Have Items for Shark Week

posted: 06/26/15
by: SharkWeek.com Staff

Shark Week is right around the corner -- do you have everything you need for Shark N' Awe? Fins up to these must-have items!

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1. "Sharky Shark" Pillow Pet

Time to sleep with sharks! Well, at least this cute and cuddly one from Pillow Pets. Meet "Sharky Shark." This two-in-one stuffed animal provides all the fun of a plush toy and then turns into a pillow for television, travel or bedtime. Available at DiscoveryStore.com for $29.99.


2. Shark Week Graphic T-Shirts

Many imitate and many try to duplicate, but there's no better way to look the part of a Shark Week fin-atic than by wearing official Shark Week t-shirts from Bioworld. Gear up and get ready for a shark-filled summer (Boy's & Men's). Available at Target from $16.00 - $26.95.


3. Shark Week: Everything You Need to Know Hardcover Edition

All the thrills and chills of Shark Week are here for year-round reading. Filled with photos, firsthand accounts of shark attacks and facts, this book is for every shark fan who wants to get up close and personal with these predators. Available at DiscoveryStore.com for $19.99


4. Shark Week Beach Towel

Being surrounded by sharks never looked so good! Head back into the water for this summer's Shark Week with this super-soft, photo-real Shark Week beach towel from Jay Franco. Available on Amazon.com for $14.99.

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5. Shark Week Fin Hoodie

Show you are the biggest Shark Week fan with the Shark Fin Zip Up Hoodie. The grey hoodie features a jaw-like opening on the hood's lining and a serious fin so you can live that shark life. Available at DiscoveryStore.com for $54.95.


6. View-Master(R) Discovery Underwater Experience Pack

Immerse yourself in amazing sea adventures - virtually! Race against time to explore a sunken ship and find yourself in the middle of an exclusive Discovery 360-degree video dive at Shark Junction in the Bahamas. Available at DiscoveryStore.com for $14.99


7. Shark Week Wavin' Socks DiscoveryStore.com

Show you're jawsome from head to toe with Shark Week Wavin' Socks. These unisex socks showcase sharks featuring waves, "Shark Week," and sharks emerging from a television set. Available at DiscoveryStore.com for $12.95.


8. Shark Week : 2017 Calendar

With the 2017 Shark Week calendar you can live every week like it's Shark Week! Featuring stunning photography of a variety of sharks along with supporting facts and locations, fans will learn just how powerful these creatures really are. Available at DiscoveryStore.com for $13.99.

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9. The Official 2016 Shark Week T-Shirt

Shark Week never stops swimming. Dress sharp for your favorite week of the year with the official Shark Week 2016 T-shirt. Available in both navy and purple, it's all shark n' awe! Available at DiscoveryStore.com for $26.95.

10. Shark Week Matchbox(R) Shark Ship(TM)

This is no ordinary Shark Week Shark Ship! Includes one large-scale rolling and floating ship with a winging / lowering crane arm; one car-chomping shark; two water-safe cars; one helicopter / squeegee toy; one water cannon and one floating raft. Matchbox. Available exclusively at Walmart for $32.99.


11. Sharks: The Ultimate Handbook

Shark Week's official magazine Sharks: The Ultimate Handbook offers a behind-the-scenes look at everything Shark Week, from the history of shark-revering cultures to the latest species to be discovered, plus features from Shark Week's most interesting experts! Available here for $10.99.


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12. Shark Week Artwear T-Shirts

A fin-tastic collection of t-shirts from The Mountain for kids and adults, each Shark Week garment features big, bold prints and is hand-dyed and screen printed using organic water-based inks and dyes. Available here from $24.00 - 30.00


13. Gold & Silver Shark Week Coins

The bull shark from Fiji and the whale shark from Tristan de Cunha are making their way into homes in the form of officially-licensed legal tender gold and silver coins. Available at GovMint from $49.95 - $5,000.00.


14. Shark Week Backpack

Going back to school is an exciting and fun time, but this year it can be even more fin-tastic! You're not ready to jump back into the waters until you have your official 2016 Shark Week backpack from Fast Forward. Now available at Toys"R"Us and Target for $15.99.

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15. Shark Week Swarovksi Jewelry

Get glamorous for 2016 Shark Week with stunning pendants from Richline Group, Inc. Made with Swarovksi elements in Sterling Silver, pendants feature a variety of sharks including the tiger shark, great white, and hammerhead. Available at Kohls.com for $175.00.

16. Shark Week Hammerhead Stuffed Animal

Shark Week takes viewers on a journey to the depths of the sea, uncovering the secrets of these majestic predators. Celebrate this year's Shark Week with Wild Republic's Hammerhead plush. Available at DiscoveryStore.com for $16.99.

17. Sharkopedia

Celebrate Shark Week all year long with Sharkopedia. With more than 400 incredible color photos, Sharkopedia introduces kids to almost 500 known shark species and fun ""fin facts"" throughout. Available at DiscoveryStore.com for $19.95.


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