30 of Our Favorite Shark Week-Inspired Tattoos

posted: 06/29/17
by: SharkWeek.com Staff

Nothing says forever like a tattoo. Especially one that screams "I live every d*mn week like it's Shark Week." With the big event almost here we reached out to fans across the globe to show us their strangest, funniest, and most beautiful Shark Week-inspired ink.

Check out some of our favorites below!

And remember
--never stop #Livin4TheFin.

We've got:

1) Multicultural sharks.

Via Pinterest


2) Party sharks.

via Pinterest


3) Gambling Sharks.

Via Bart Willis Tattoo.

Bart Willis Tattoo

4) Famous Sharks.

Rihanna's shark love, via Balaz Bercseny.

Rihanna's shark, care of Balaz Bercsenyi

5. Sharks out for vengeance.

via Cedric Weber Tattoo

Cedric Weber Tattoo

6) Sharkless sharks.

Dana Tattoo

7) Ultimate Shark Week fan sharks.

via Dave Porter

Dave Porter

8) Beautiful sharks.

Scaddy Tattoo

Scady Tattoos

9) Shark friends.

friend tbd


11) Magical sharks.

Great Lakes Tattoo

Great Lakes Tattoo

12) Panoramic sharks.

Alam @vinicius_tattooer

Alam Vinicius

13) Sharks in bloom.

Inksmith & Rogers

Inksmith & Rogers

14) Vicious sharks.

J Kowalski Tattoos

Jay Kowalski Tattoos

15) YOLO sharks.

Jett Gunn Tattoos

Jett Gunn Tattoos

16) Adventurous sharks.

via Jillian Shark Girl

Jillian Shark Girl

17) Toothy sharks.


Jonathan Wade Tattoo

18) Mythical sharks from Atlantis.

Joshua Bauers Tattoo

Joshua Bauers Tattoo

19) Chill sharks that just mind their own business.

Kirk Alley Tattoos

Kirk Alley Tattoos

20) Sharks that love Shark Week.

Sacred Tattoo

Sacred Tattoos

21) Anarchist sharks.

Scott Smivee Tattoo

Scott Smivee Tattoo

22) Sharks with seductive eyelashes.

Tazebeth Tattoo

Tazebeth Tattoo

23) Gentleman sharks.

Traces of Dave Tattoo

Traces of Dave/ Dave Barton

24) Scalp sharks.

Matt Rohr Tattoo

Matt Rohr Tattoo

25) Gorgeous and friendly sharks.

Balaz Bercseny

Balaz Bercsenyi

26) Hand sharks.



27) Maternal sharks.



28) Watercolor sharks.


Billy James Tattoo

29) Geometric sharks.


Craigy Lee

30) Sharks that are going to need bigger boats.


Davide Marazzina


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