5 Ways to Celebrate the Most Wonderful Week of the Year

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by: Danny Clemens

From Halloween costumes to Christmas lights to Fourth of July fireworks, there are tons of fun ways that we celebrate holidays throughout the year -- so why not let Shark Week in on the fun? We've compiled the top five ways to celebrate Shark Week, the #MostWonderfulWeek of the year!

Wear a shark fin -- everywhere

Xena the Shark Fin Cat
Julie B./Project Mommie

What better way to express your love of sharks to the world than to don a shark fin? Wear your fin everywhere: to the grocery store, to the post office, to the club -- that way, you'll be able to quickly identify other like-minded shark FINatics (you'll thank us for this when you meet the love of your life bonding over Shark Week). One thrifty blogger has even put together a step-by-step tutorial to help you build your own shark fin from scratch.

Replace all of your square ice cubes with shark fins

Shark Fin Ice Cubes

There are 51 other average weeks of the year that you can cool your drink with square ice cubes -- why not break out the shark fin ice cube tray to add some spunk to your beverage of choice in honor of Shark Week? It's cool, crisp and refreshing -- this is one floating fin that you won't want to swim away from!

Enjoy a Shark Week cocktail

Get the Party Started - Shark Bite Drink

Who's ready for the weekend? Sit back and relax with a Shark Bite!

Posted by Shark Week on Friday, June 26, 2015

While you're in the kitchen making ice, why not make your own Shark Week drink?! From shots to mixed drinks to mocktails, there's a crisp and refreshing libation for Shark Week fans of all ages -- although we're partial to the fish blood shots (no fish required!). For optimal enjoyment, play our Shark Week drinking game: take a drink whenever you see a shark onscreen.

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