JAWsome Shark License Plates Rock Our World

posted: 10/12/15
by: Danny Clemens
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Shark aficionados now have another way to flaunt their love for the ocean's coolest predator: limited edition shark license plates.

Available to Massachusetts residents, the shark license plates will benefit the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC), a local nonprofit that funds white shark research and education projects. The special plates will go into production after the organization receives 750 pre-orders.

AWSC works closely with Shark Week mainstay and leading shark expert Dr. Greg Skomal, who recently appeared in Shark Week 2015's Shark Trek.

AWSC plate
Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

"Thanks to the grassroots efforts of the AWSC, we are advancing our knowledge of white sharks at an incredible pace, but a steady funding source is sorely needed," Massachusetts shark expert and Shark Week personality Dr. Greg Skomal says in a news release.

"If the Conservancy can meet their goal and get these plates on the streets, then we will have a sustainable source of research funding for years to come."

Marine wildlife artist Paul McPhee designed the plates, which feature a great white shark, two striped bass and a bluefish on a white background.

Click here to order a plate on AWSC's website.


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