Meet The Shark You Named

posted: 11/17/15
by: Dan Carter
Finley Dorsal Fin
OCEARCH/ Robert Snow
This past August, Shark Week fans had an unprecedented opportunity to name a real shark. After the votes were tallied, Finley the Shark came out victorious.

Despite some weather delays and a challenging expedition, the team at OCEARCH found just the right shark. FINatics, meet Finley, a 361 pound, 10 ft, female tiger shark in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fans now have the opportunity to follow Finley as she pings in on OCEARCH's Shark Tracker or follow her on Twitter as she makes clever remarks on life in the Gulf of Mexico, pop culture and all things Shark Week!

Check out some of the amazing photos from the expedition below and make sure to see where Finley has checked in first


Finley Before Being Tagged
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Finley Before Being Tagged
OCEARCH/ Robert Snow
Finley the Shark on OCEARCH's deck being humanely tagged
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The crew prepares to tag Finley once she's aboard
OCEARCH/ Robert Snow
Finley Being Tagged
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The crew attaches the tag to Finley. Sharks are unable to feel tags like the one's OCEARCH used.
OCEARCH / Robert Snow
Finley in Water
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Finley returns to the water with her tag attached, working to help OCEARCH and shark researchers around the world
OCEARCH/ Robert Snow

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