Megalodon Teeth Wash Ashore in NC

posted: 10/24/15
by: Dan Carter
It looks like Hurricane Joaquin stirred up a whole lot more than Internet memes in the U.S. This October, a record number of prehistoric Megalodon teeth have washed ashore in Surf City, NC. For treasure hunters and fossil experts alike these shark teeth are the jackpot.

Before they were recognized as shark's teeth, Megalodon teeth were mistakenly identified as rocks that had fallen from the moon, or as the petrified tongues of dragons and giant serpents. In 1666, while studying the teeth of great white sharks, naturalist Nicolaus Steno made the realization that these "tongue stones" were actually shark's teeth.

Megalodon went extinct 2.6 million years ago. Paleontologists aren't 100% sure but they believe Megalodon grew up to 52 ft with one study in 2013 suggesting a maximum length of 59 ft. That's roughly three times as large as modern great white and larger than your average school bus!

To learn more about Megalodon head over to Sharkopedia.
Megalodon shark tooth
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Megalodon shark tooth

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