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posted: 07/20/17
by: SharkWeek.com Staff
Lemon sharks
Michael Muller
Tiger beach sounds like a pretty amazing beach, right? The truth is there is no sand to be seen anywhere for miles on the surface, it's in the middle of the ocean off the Bahamas. After tagging multiple sharks, scientists discovered they all went to this little patch of amazing white sands that ascends from depths of 4000+ plus feet up to 20-feet right below the surface. Warm beautiful turquoise blue water and a variety of sharks come together to create one of the ultimate shark dives in the world. Above, a lemon shark tornado appears when @mornehardenberg drops a small piece of fish in front of my camera. Lemon sharks are some of the most fearless sharks when it comes to contact with humans. They don't shy from us like the majority of sharks do.

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