NOAA: No More Blacknose Shark Fishing in 2015

posted: 06/03/15
by: Danny Clemens
Blacknose shark drawing
NOAA FIsheries

NOAA Fisheries has announced a temporary moratorium on commercial fishing of blacknose sharks (Carcharhinus acronotus) in United States waters. According to the agency, commercial landings of the sharks in 2015 have already exceeded 80% of the annual quota.

Citing concerns of overfishing in the United States, NOAA in 2009 instituted a quota of 6,065 blacknose sharks that can be landed by commercial fishers per fishing season.

"Our latest stock assessment found that the blacknose shark is depleted and the rate of fishing, both directed and incidental, is unsustainable," said Jim Balsiger, then-assistant administrator for NOAA's Fisheries Service. "Blacknose sharks are vulnerable because they bear few young. The proposed measures will help rebuild the species, an important part of the ecosystem in the south Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea."

The new regulation will be published in the National Federal Register on June 5, and will take effect on 11:30 p.m. local time on June 7. The moratorium will be lifted on January 1, 2016.

Prior to the official publication of the regulation, the Federal Register has provided a pre-publication PDF version of the document.

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