Proposed S. Carolina Bill Restricts Tiger Shark Fishing

posted: 08/08/15
by: SharkWeek.com Staff
Tiger shark in the Bahamas
Albert Kok via Wikimedia Commons

A new bill making its way through the South Carolina General Assembly aims to restrict tiger shark fishing to catch-and-release only.

"For all intents and purposes the animal is not edible," conservation lobbyist Charles Farmer tells local newspaper The Post and Courier. "There is an extremely limited (consumer) demand for these animals. The demand to protect the species far outweighs that. No industry should be in the business of taking out a vulnerable species."

According to Farmer, "none of the science" indicates that regional tiger shark populations are healthy. In an effort to better understand the animals, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources recently began working with OCEARCH on a shark tagging initiative.

Sponsored by Rep. Chip Limehouse, the bill recently flew through the House of Representatives. It will face the state Senate in 2016.

The tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) is currently assessed as Near Threatened by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. In the United States, the tiger shark is fished primarily for its fins and liver oil. The fish have low reproduction rates, amplifying the effects of overfishing.

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