Sharks Go to the Bathroom, Too

posted: 12/03/15
by: SharkWeek.com Staff

When you have to go, you have to go -- and sharks are no different. During a dive in Guadalupe, Mexico last year, a lucky(?) diver caught a glimpse of famed great white Lucy leaving behind a sizable cloud of murk in the water behind her:

Interestingly, shark poop can be a legitimate source of nourishment for animals down the food chain. In a 2011 interview with LiveScience, Georgia Aquarium scientist Alistair Dove explained that shark poop contains "enough useful carbon for smaller animals to make a meal of it."

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Fossilized shark dung has also given scientists an unprecedented window into the past. Preserved poop, scientifically known as coprolite, often contains hints toward what ancient sharks ate before their death; recent coprolite finds tell the tale of a hungry shark that munched on a baby turtle and an overzealous shark that attempted to eat a crocodile.


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