Sharks + WWII+ Julia Child + the CIA + the Armed Forces = This Crazy Story

posted: 07/10/15
by: Danny Clemens

Even the CIA is getting on the #MostWonderfulWeek of the year! The agency took to its website this week to share a crazy, decades-old tale involving a star-studded cast of characters: sharks, the CIA, famed chef Julia Child and the armed forces.

If you think the hype surrounding the shark bites in North Carolina over the past few weeks has been crazy, you wouldn't believe the shark frenzy that overtook the nation at the height of World War II. As the agency reports, more than 20 sailors fell victim to shark bites, prompting mass hysteria around the perceived dangers posted by sharks.

P-40's of 3rd Squadron, 1st American Volunteer Group
R. T. Smith via San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive

During the war, Julia Child worked as a executive assistant in the Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor to the CIA. Agency bigwigs enrolled Child in a mission to develop a recipe that would deter sharks from approaching humans and equipment in the ocean.

That's right -- in an ironic twist of fate, Child's first mission was to concoct something so horribly unappetizing that it would repel potential dinner guests.

Click here to find out what Child concocted


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