Thousands of Sharks Are Migrating off the Coast of Florida — but Something Isn’t Quite Right

posted: 02/04/16
by: Danny Clemens
Shark migration aerial

Off the coast of Florida, blacktip sharks are making their annual sojourn down the Atlantic coast in search of food and warmer water.

Remarkable aerial footage obtained by the Sun Sentinel gives face to the massive migration, which begins offshore of the Carolinas and comprises tens of thousands of the six-foot creatures.

As experts point out, however, the migration has begun notably later than normal.

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"What I can say is they are running late this year, and I'm curious to see if we have the same numbers that we've had in other years," Florida Atlantic University professor of biological sciences at Stephen Kajiura told the newspaper in an interview.

Furthermore, Kajiura notes that some tagged sharks have been tracked moving as far north as New York in recent years, likely in response to changing water temperatures -- a behavioral shift that has also been observed in certain sea snakes in the Pacific.

This season, an especially strong El Nino has significantly impacted water temperatures in various parts of the hemisphere. Changes in wind patterns impact the movement of water throughout the ocean, oftentimes resulting in unusual weather that impacts sharks, seals, sea lions and other animals.


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