Throwback Thursday: An Alien Shark Discovery

posted: 07/02/15
by: Jared Kaplan
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The Haunting Ghost Shark

For today's Throwback Thursday video, we revisit one of the most memorable moments from Shark Week 2014.

When Pacific Shark Research Center scientist Paul Clerkin set off on a commercial fishing vessel last year, he was hoping to be able to study a few deep-sea sharks caught in the vessel's nets. Little did Clerkin know, he would discover a haunting new species of ghost shark!

Ghost sharks, which are actually chimaera and a close relative of sharks, are known for their big eyes and for swimming in a slow, spooky manner. Found at nearly 2 miles below the ocean's surface, they are rarely seen by human eyes. It's also estimated that they've been around for about 400 million years. So when Clerkin pulled a never-before-seen ghost shark out of the water, he was understandably excited.

Take a look at the video above, featuring Clerkin gently examining the new ghost shark. Isn't it one of the weirdest looking creatures you've ever seen?

Don't miss Paul Clerkin's next adventure on Alien Sharks: Close Encounters, premiering Tue July 6 10/9c!

Photo Credit: Thomas Backer/DCL


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