What Happened to the Shark that Beached in Massachusetts Last Week?

posted: 07/20/15
by: Danny Clemens

Last week's dramatic rescue of a beached great white shark ended on a decidedly uncertain note: although the shark was lucid enough to swim back into the depths of the ocean, its long-term fate was unclear, even to experts. After tagging the shark, Dr. Greg Skomal said that the animal's long-term survival would be an "amazing" feat.

As it turns out, the shark is an amazing creature.

Named Jameson after his rescue, the shark appears to be alive and kicking. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy announced via Facebook on Friday evening that Jameson's satellite tag had pinged from the South Beach cut, indicating that the shark is healthy enough to be traveling.

Jameson the Shark
Atlantic White Shark Conservancy via YouTube

A cautiously optimistic statement from the organization warns that the Jameson's survival cannot be 100% confirmed until his next ping -- nonetheless, they called Friday's ping "good news".


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