Shipwreck Men Season 1 Episode Guide

posted: 12/14/12

A holiday weekend turns tragic as Atlantis races into action. The job of a lifetime could go bust, sinking Downrite's reputation. For Fast Response, a mistake could cost them the job. And the Arnolds struggle with a risky salvage and Ricky Sr.'s health.

Hurricane Isaac blasts South Florida, leaving wreckage and destruction for most, but gold for salvors. 70 mph winds and an 11 foot surge test the courage of these hardened shipwreck men as they throw caution to the wind, risking it all to beat the competition.

On Shipwreck Men, whatever can go wrong will. Big jobs bring big trouble as these salvagers take on the competition and each other. From a lucrative job in the Bahamas for Atlantis to an unusual one for the Arnold's, lives are always on the line.

On the premiere of Shipwreck Men, four Marine Salvage crews compete to survive on the waters of South Florida in a brutal economy.

In Miami, Atlantis captain Burt Korpela tangles with rookie captain Chuck Hansen of Fast Response. But when a boat fire rages, Burt stands to make a lot of money -- if he can put it out.

In Fort Lauderdale, Ryan Sewell of Downrite is pressured by a rival company before racing to save a yacht that is about to wreck on the rocks.

And down in the Florida Keys, Ricky Arnold of Arnold's Marine and his two sons fight dangerous waters to salvage a sunken boat. When things go wrong though, it could end up costing son Shane his life.

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