Brandon Woodward

posted: 05/06/14
Brandon Woodward
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Brandon Woodward
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After only three years in the logging industry, twenty-eight-year-old Brandon Woodward claims to be one of the top logging processors in Montana. His workmates say Brandon is self-assured to the point of being cocky. But according to Brandon, "I've been told I'm arrogant, completely full of myself; I call it confidence and I want to prove I am made of the right stuff!"

Brandon has a troubled past and is looking for a fresh start after run-ins with the law. Now he claims he has learned his lesson and is on a mission to turn his life around. Looking for a new career, he began working for one of Montana's toughest logging crews after the infamous logging legend, Pat Hanley, took a chance on him. Brandon's only met 2 Russians before and didn't like them! But he is determined to take this opportunity in Siberia and provide a better life for his baby girl Tatum and girlfriend Meagan, both of whom he's had to leave behind in Columbia Falls, Montana.

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