Sean Vann

posted: 05/06/14
Sean Vann
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Sean Vann
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A second-generation American logger, Sean Vann (48) has a wealth of experience in the industry. He grew up in Montana before joining the Airborne Rangers at the age of 18. Upon discharge, Sean and his father started a logging company in Montana, but tough times in America's timber industry shut them down. Sean then took the huge step to head to Siberia and has spent the last 17 years running logging operations in one of the coldest and toughest places on Earth. He speaks fluent Russian and has learned the hard way how to work with Siberian loggers.

But now Sean is tired of working for Russian logging bosses and wants to put his hard-won experience into starting his own Siberian logging business. He's got some state-of-the-art logging equipment, some old Soviet style machines, and the chance of obtaining a contract to cut millions of dollars of timber in the world's largest forest.

It's a potential game changer for Sean as he could make close to half a million dollars in just 3-months. But Sean has limited time and resources to get this right so he's come up with a radical new plan: bring American loggers to Siberia to work with Russians and get the contract done. If Sean can get the Russians and Americans to work together he may be able to make his fortune. If not, then a new cold war could erupt in the wilds of Siberia.

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