Zack Sheets

posted: 05/06/14
Zack Sheets
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Zack Sheets
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Zack is 22 and comes from Grants Pass, Oregon. This young logger is packed with energy and is fiercely ambitious. He lives for logging and challenges all comers to find another 22 year old who loves the job as much as he does! Despite getting ribbed from the older guys, Zack has earned his dues logging alongside some of the industry's toughest crews. He wants to go to Russia as he would like to start his own business and he sees massive opportunity in Siberia.

But the last few years have been tough on Zack and his family. His dad Gene is extremely ill with stage-5 kidney failure and Zack is torn whether to stay by his father's side or take the opportunity of a lifetime. Gene wants his son to go out into the world and make his way, but Zack has a tough choice that few 22 year olds have to face. Zack wants to prove to his dad that he's a stand-up kid with a solid future but there is a chance that if Zack goes to Siberia, he may never see his Dad alive again. To add further emotional weight, Zack also leaves behind his long-time girlfriend and fianc?e Ashley, who he has been with since he was 14 years old.

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