Glenn Fleming

posted: 04/11/12
Glenn Fleming
Glenn Fleming

Glenn grew up a quintessential "military brat." His father was in the Air Force and the family moved from base to base. Glenn had some familiarity with guns through his father, but it wasn't until he joined the Air Force that he received his own extensive firearms training. Glenn became a Staff Sergeant as part of the 20th Special Operations Squadron and did multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as Africa and Bosnia.

Glenn left the military in 2007 and needed a hobby. He's an avid collector of German firearms, this coupled with his mechanical skills led to a career in gun building. Glen worked for Red Jacket as a "precision welder" until he acquired his own business. Still a good friend to the Red Jacket crew, Glenn is often asked back to assist with some of Will's specialty projects. He and his family live near Baton Rouge.

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