Joe Meaux

posted: 04/11/12
Joe Meaux
Joe Meaux
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Joe Meaux, is Red Jacket's one-man development department. When Will comes up with a weapon design, it's Joe's job to determine if it can be built. Typically, when Joe says "it can't be done," Will says, "let's do it." Joe’s interest in mechanics and physics led to him researching and building firearms as a hobby, and eventually to a job with Red Jacket.

Joe grew up in Baton Rouge and attended LSU where he received a degree in General Studies. For over twelve years, he taught Information Technology at a local high school. While he loved teaching, his work with Red Jacket grew into a 24/7 job. When Will offered him the position of Chief Operations Officer the die was cast. In 2011 he said goodbye to his teaching career and went full time with Red Jacket.

Joe is very competitive and prides himself on being a first-rate marksman. Though he once had aspirations to compete in Olympic Shooting or Biathlon, he is now content to stand beside Will at the center of the Red Jacket team, driving its daily operations forward.

He is a family man and loves tinkering with old cars and working towards getting a pilot's license

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