Kris Ford
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Kris Ford
Discovery Communications

Despite coming from a family of hunters and gun enthusiasts, Kris Ford didn't consider himself a gun person. That all changed in 2009.

That year, Kris met Will's daughter Stephanie Hayden at a party. Kris was in need of a job and Stephanie offered him an apprenticeship at Red Jacket. He started out by sweeping floors and under Will's tutelage learned how to build guns from “weapon-grade steel”. While Kris was building guns in the shop, his friendship with Stephanie grew from casual to lifelong. He married Stephanie in Las Vegas and Will welcomed his transition from employee to son in law.

Kris shares Stephanie’s love of the Louisiana wetlands and likes to write and play music. However, he says that his main job will always be "happily saying Yes Sir! to Will"