Share Your Tornado Stories

Share Your Tornado Stories

Calling All Eyewitnesses!

With all of the attention on chasing tornadoes right now, we'd like to give all you tornado veterans out there a chance to tell your stories of encounters with one of nature's most awesome creations. We'll pick some of the best and post them in a special area on the Storm Chasers website. If you have a picture or two you'd like to share send them as well. If you have a caption you'd like to add, all the better!

You can submit stories and pictures to

Submission guidelines:

1. Please keep your story brief and compelling — this will greatly increase its chance of being selected.

2. You can either paste your text directly on to your email or attach a Word document.

3. Pictures should be JPEG's (preferably horizontal) and less than 1MB in size.

4. Send your images as uncompressed email attachments; do not submit Zip or other compressed files.

Thanks and be sure to catch all the twister action on Storm Chasers!


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