Yazoo City Tribute

DCL Storm Chasers Crew

Yazoo's proud citizens need your help more than ever!

Just seven months after the devastating EF4 strike, Yazoo City was hit again on Monday, Nov. 29. Shortly after 8 p.m., one EF2 tornado struck the downtown area while a second ripped through the southwest suburbs. Although damage was on a smaller scale than last April, this is another setback for a community that has had more than enough tragedy and devastation.

ONCE AGAIN, we ask you to join Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers in helping the residents of Yazoo City, Mississippi, rebuild their lives, homes and businesses.

The massive EF4 tornado that struck central Mississippi on April 24th was one of the largest and deadliest in the state's history. The tornado reached its apex of power and destruction when it hit the town of Yazoo City leaving behind 10 dead and over 140 injured. More than 400 homes and businesses were destroyed at an estimated cost of over 50 million dollars.

Despite these catastrophic losses, the proud Yazoo City residents are determined to rebuild — BUT THEY NEED YOUR HELP!

Not long after the disaster in April, community leaders joined with others across the country — including Reed Timmer and Discovery's Storm Chasers — to set up the non-profit YAZOO HUMANITARIAN RECOVERY (YHR) organization to provide emotional support and physical assistance to the survivors of the April 24th tornado. YHR is currently working with 40 plus cases focused on repairing lives and rebuilding homes of Yazoo City residents.

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