Sean Casey


Sean Casey

For the past 12 years, Sean Casey has been roaming the country chasing the shot that will end his IMAX film about tornadoes. With the guidance of leading tornado scientist Dr. Josh Wurman, Sean's mission has been to get a one-of-a-kind shot from inside a tornado. To accomplish his goal, Sean built the TIV, or Tornado Intercept Vehicle. This 16,000-pound armored tank is outfitted with wind-resistant flaps and anchor spikes to keep him safe while filming inside a twister. Last season, Sean split from long-time partner Josh, and with the help of his own team of meteorologists, finally got The Shot he was looking for. But he isn't satisfied. Passionate about making the best film possible, he returned to Tornado Alley in 2010 with a new team, determined to get a better intercept. With medic Marcus Gutierrez driving the TIV and meteorologist Brandon Ivey navigating, Sean will continue to pursue his goal, as well as document Vortex 2, the largest tornado research project in U.S. history.