10 Things You Don’t Know About Chuck

posted: 12/24/14

#1 What's your proudest moment? Other than being a father to the 3 best girls in the world, My proudest moment in my life is when my little brother talked me into building an import drag race car and we brought the car out in 2004 and was kinda laughed at because we was from Oklahoma and was told we could not compete with the east coast or the west coast guys, Well let me tell you, at the end of 2004 we proved everyone wrong, Not only did I receive Rookie of the Year award I won the 2004 NDRA National Championship!!!!!

#2 Who's your celebrity crush? I have two celebrity crushes, first, Miranda Lambert, My kind of country girl, Me and Blake need to arm wrestle, Second is Channing Tatum, (man crush lol). This boy can dance!!!!!! 1 bad mofo...

#3 Who's your childhood hero? Burt Reynolds and that black trans am!!!!!!!

#4 What's your favorite movie? Shooter with Mark Walburg

#5 Have you ever met anyone famous? I met Dale Earnhardt Sr.

#6 What kind of music do you listen to? It depends on the day or situation. Normally its country, but at the lake its rap and dance music, then when I'm working out or driving fast its Limp Bizkit, Staind or Shinedown

#7 What's the one thing you can't live without? My children and adrenaline. I know, its two things, but without either you might as well put me 6ft under

#8 What's your favorite sport/favorite team?College football: Oklahoma Sooners

#9 What do you do when you're not racing? I am at the lake cruising around going on poker runs etc. And ya, I race everyone on the water! Its just in my blood.

#10 What's an interesting story about your family history? My dad was a drag racer his whole life until my mom retired him, lol, and I'm proud to be addicted to the sport and its very satisfying to watch my children racing JR Dragsters at an earlier age than me or my dad had the opportunity

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