Freakin Rican

posted: 12/06/13
Freakin Rican
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Freakin Rican

Jose "Freakin' Rican" Rivera is known for wild behavior, boisterous trash talking and being able to acquire whatever you need, as long as you don't ask where it came from. Freakin Rican runs with the B&R crew, who race and test their small tire cars on the South side of OKC.

When Chief and Shawn come to Freakin looking for some illegal fireworks, he strikes a deal that lets him call out the Farmtruck, and get the chance to break onto the list that he's been waiting for. Racing his 'Freak of Nature', 91' Ford Mustang small tire, small block car, Freakin' Rican is ready to take on the #10 spot and prove once and for all that the South side of the 405 is not to be ignored.

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