Tina Pierce

posted: 12/06/13

Tina Pierce is a well known racer on the track and known to many as the "Fastest Chick in Oklahoma." Behind the wheel at Thunder Valley race track, she's just one of the guys, breaking records and beating everyone who dares to challenge her. But now she's determined to take her skills to the streets and make history as the first woman on the OKC Kings of the Street Top Ten list.

Tina knows cars. She and husband David own a repair shop and they have a number of cars that they work on and race. Last season, Tina raced Big Chief on the street. And when her grudge race against Farmtruck ends in a photo finish, she decides it's time to ask Chief to set up an official race against Farmtruck for the #10 spot.

Everyone thinks Tina's racing her 1968 Chevy small block Camaro but instead she brings out her 2000 S10 big block Chevy pickup with much more horsepower. It's her one shot and Tina's gonna give it everything she's got to get on The List.

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