Texas Car Wars Season One Episodes

posted: 09/30/12

Texas is a car flipping goldmine; there are more salvage vehicles in Texas than anywhere else in the world. We follow several tough-as-nails salvage crews begin rivalries at the auction as they battle over a 1964 Thunderbird, 2002 Nissan Xterra, and a 1955 Ford Fairlane. Who will find the diamond in the rough?

The auction block gets personal when Old Skool Kustoms and Rodriguez Rod and Cycle go head-to-head for a '52 Packard. Atomic takes home a Mercedes-Benz they hope to turn into a quick flip. Barrett Auto Care tries to work the numbers in their favor on a '66 Mustang, but the car causes Beep and Holley to have a run-in with the law.

As the mercury rises in the hot Texas sun, the auction gets hot, hot, hot over a '64 Mercury Comet Caliente. Atomic Garage tries to untangle a major mess in a 1995 Jeep Wranger. Meanwhile, the boys at Old Skool Kustoms find a 1963 Ford F-100 Unibody Pickup, but it refuses to switch gears.

Barrett gets a car flip on a 1960 Ford F-100 panel truck that turns into a serious project, but could mean serious dough. Frank takes on a Lexus flip that, with the right paint job, will produce a glowing profit. Love is in the air at Rodriguez Rod and Cycle, but could their '64 Chevy Impala, be a flip or a curse?

Frank gets sentimental about the car he goes home with. He knows better, but he's fallen in love with a 1961 Ford Country Sedan station wagon. The boys at Atomic end up seeing pink instead of green with a '52 Chevy Bel Air. Josh and Rodriguez Rod and Cycle are feeling very presidential with a 1956 Studebaker President.

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