Meet Joe Ifill

posted: 03/11/13

Age: 26

IQ: 120

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Occupation: Welding Engineer

Education: B.A.S in Engineering Technology

You probably wouldn't guess that Joel is an artist, based on the fact that he researches and develops nuclear reactors for the US Navy. With a background in welding and CNC machining, Joel is a former break dancer who designs and manufactures machine parts, fabricates custom computer cases and builds project cars.

Calling himself "off beat" and "creative" Joel, has welded sculptures of his own design and routinely invents wacky things like a laser-wielding helmet for cats. Of course, that's child's play for a guy who used to build rockets and oversees the design and manufacturing of robotics.

But Joel has faced his share of challenges. "As a minority with an engineering technology degree in welding from a small school, I have to face prejudice about the quality of my work," says Joel. "I keep PhD's on task at work... So I would like to show the world that I'm on top of my game."

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